Zais tours, offers praise to York County schools

Posted November 19, 2013 12:56 am | Filed under Featured, Local News

DSC_3104Andrew Kiel |
While some parents across South Carolina took their children out of school Monday protesting a nationwide curriculum known as Common Core, state education superintendent Mick Zais was in York County praising two area districts.

Zais visited schools in York and Clover as part of a statewide tour, spending one day a week on the road in classrooms across South Carolina.

“The schools that we’ve visited in York One and Two are some of the highest performing schools in the state,” Zais said. “Obviously it’s a good news story when you see school leaders and teachers doing such a great job.”

At Oakridge Middle School in Clover Monday, Zais spent just under an hour meeting with principal Will Largen and superintendent Mark Sosne. Largen explained his leadership style and how he engages his faculty and staff.

“You will never hear me raise my voice,” Largen explained to Zais. “I’ve never been one to lead by yelling.”

Nearly 100 miles away, protesters from the group Parents Involved in Education spent much of the day protesting the Common Core curriculum initiative that is set to take effect in South Carolina schools next year.

Zais, a staunch opponent of Common Core, took a minute to explain his frustrations with WRHI.

“Students learn different ways and at different speeds… yet the common core specifies that every child learn the same material on the same schedule,” Zais said.

“Rather than looking for uniform and standardized education, we should be looking for ways to deliver a personalized and customized education that meets the needs and aspirations of every student, Zais said. “Common Core just doesn’t allow you to do that.”