New Winthrop President updates Chamber on her first few months

Posted November 21, 2013 1:18 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News, News

comstockWinthrop Media Relations
Jayne Marie Comstock says after four-plus months as Winthrop University’s president, she feels Rock Hill is already her home.

Comstock spoke this week during the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s power lunch.

She says the number-one contribution Winthrop makes to York County is that 9400 of its alumni live here.

“They’re prepared for success in their careers, they’re engaged in their communities, they recognize and get involved with local and global concerns, and they’re grounded in values that give meaning to their lives,” Comstock said.

“Winthrop University alumni are quality citizens.”

Comstock says Winthrop’s annual economic impact on York County is more than $162 million.  She says the mutual success of both the university and the county are inextricably linked.

Comstock says the planned Knowledge Park development will allow Winthrop to attract and retain more students and faculty, and encourage more faculty to live in York County.

She says she will be relatively impatient about the Knowledge Park.

“And I know that will rub all of you badly because some of you have been working on this for ten years, and you’re thinking she hasn’t even been here ten months and she’s already impatient, Comstock said.

“But please see that as support for the Knowledge Park and Winthrop’s commitment to do anything to make that initiative that initiative successful.”

Comstock says she is really worried about the affordability of a higher education.

She says she believes one of the great civil rights issues of our time is access to higher education.

“If people across the socioeconomic spectrum cannot afford to go to college, then what we’re doing is enhancing this cultural divide in our country,” Comstock said.

“And there are going to be people who have a college education and therefore can have a higher earning potential throughout their lifetime, and people who don’t have a college education because…they can’t afford it.”