‘Five and Dine’ opens at historic site on Rock Hill’s Main Street

Posted September 26, 2013 7:30 pm | Filed under Downtown Renewal, Featured, Local News

Winthrop University senior Spenser Cote serves patrons at the Five and Dine’s soft opening Thursday. ANDREW KIEL/STAFF

Thursday morning, the Five and Dine opened for business at the former site of the Old Town Bistro.

Five and Dine owner Selena Keleman tells WRHI this is her second restaurant venture — and she chose to pursue it for the sake of helping preserve Rock Hill’s historic downtown.

“We took what was here and made it ours,” Keleman said. “We work with what we have. That’s how we were successful at the Fish Market and that’s how we’ll be successful here.”

Keleman owns the Fish Market in Fort Mill’s Baxter Village.

And now, occupying the space that was once the site of the Old Town Bistro, Keleman says she hopes to capture some of their loyal customers.

“We know that the Old Town Bistro is missed — and that they were a big part of Main Street,” Keleman said. “We know they had to work hard to earn a place in people’s hearts and we’re willing to work just has hard.”

The restaurant still has the famous McCrory’s Lunch Counter that was the site of a series of famous civil rights sit-ins in the 1960s.

For now, the Five and Dine is open for lunch only, but Keleman said she plans to expand the menu and the diner’s operating hours to serve breakfast starting October 5.