York County deputies earn “top shots” awards at NRA competition

Posted July 5, 2013 5:28 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

Courtesy York County Sheriff’s Office

Two York County Sheriff’s Deputies have again won top awards for tactical shooting.

Sgts. Buddy Brown and Heath Clevenger came in first place in the Team Tactical Division at the NRA police shooting competition in Farfax, Va.

13 teams joined Clevenger and Brown from across the southeast.

Out of 58 individuals, Clevenger came in fifth place and Brown came in ninth place in the Tactical Division.

The tactical portion of the competition had courses that simulate real life events versus just shooting at a bull’s eye on a target.  Competitors are asked to run through doorways, identify hostiles, fire around barriers, avoid no-shoots targets and hit center mass of the targets.

One course simulated an injury during a gun fight after a traffic stop.  There are penalties if competitors miss a target, shoot outside of the firing area, drop a loaded magazine and running out of time.

In April of this year, Clevenger and Brown finished in second place over all in the team tactical division at the NRA-TPC in Anderson, S.C.