Winthrop Trustees OK 3.1 percent tuition hike

Posted July 30, 2013 9:08 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News


Winthrop University’s Board of Trustees gave final approval Tuesday to a 3.1 percent tuition increase effective for the fall semester.

In-state students will pay $6,715 per semester, or $202 more, while out-of-state students will  pay $13,000, or $762 more,  per semester.

Students living in on-campus dorms will pay an additional five percent for room and board fees, which vary depending on various living arrangements.

The increases came after they were first presented before the board in June, but before state lawmakers finalized this year’s budget.

Winthrop University president Jayne Marie Comstock, who took over in her new role July 1, says she realizes that students and their families are paying more for college — but even with Winthrop having the most expensive public school tuition in the state, it is still a great bargain.

“We have, what I like to say, is the private institution quality at the public institution cost,” Comstock said. “Is it a little bit higher than other public institutions, yes, but it doesn’t come close to rivaling what you would pay for private [colleges].”

This year, Winthrop is set to receive a $350,000 increase in state appropriations, the first such increase since state funding was cut in half to 13 million in 2007.

Comstock said in the months and years ahead, she aims to lobby the General Assembly for more public education funding.

“There’s a reason why South Carolina higher education tuition is higher and that’s because we have virtually the lowest allocations in state government than any other state,” Comstock said.