Rock Hill, Duke Energy forge plan to minimize and fix power outages faster

Posted July 18, 2013 7:48 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

Rock Hill power customers have endured a fair share of power outages since January 1.

And Thursday, city leaders met with Duke Energy to remedy the situation that’s become all to common.

An unusually high number of outages this year have been the result of faulty or failed equipment owned by Duke Energy.

Rock Hill Deputy City Manager Jimmy Bagley said while many customers understand power outages during storms — the daytime outages are at the center off the issue.

As a result of Thursday’s meeting, the following corrective steps have been named:

  • Duke has placed an alarm in the Industrial Park Substation to get notice of outages so they can respond immediately based on remote notification.
  • Duke is considering placing alarms in other substations as well.
  • Duke is investigating the sale of two substations to the City for the City to take over maintenance and responsibility.
  • Duke is working on a faster response time to substation outages so they are sending a service tech each time there is a substation outage whether it is a Duke issue or not.

Bagley says the outages have been both human error — and nature.

Bagley said when there are issues in the future,  a Duke technician will be dispatched to the substation site immediately, regardless of whether or not the cause is related to Duke’s equipment.



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  1. Rena D Strawhorn

    I would love to know about the electric wire that fell
    causing the concrete to melt and electricity to be off 2 hours on Liberty Street…thanks for the cool! I know you have your hands full :-)