New Winthrop president open to reviewing pros, cons of football program

Posted July 19, 2013 8:12 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News


It’s a new era at Winthrop University as the school’s tenth president took office three weeks ago.

And already, Dr. Jayne Marie Comstock is facing questions about the possibility of bringing a football team to the university.

Comstock said she was just given a copy of a 2007 feasibility study earlier this week, and hasn’t yet had time to review the data and make an informed opinion.

The study revealed that football at Winthrop would cost more than $18 million in up front costs, and another $2.4 million in annual operating costs.

But Comstock says while that cost of a football program is certainly a major consideration, it doesn’t immediately stop all conversation.

At the time the study was released, then-president Anthony DiGiorgio dismissed the idea due to cost.

At the time, then president Anthony DiGiorgio put said yearly recurring costs would sit around 2.4-million dollars and the idea was put in an indefinite holding pattern.

Here is Comstock’s full discussion with Manning Kimmel on the topic of adding football to Winthrop: