Indian Land group seeking to Incorporate into a new city

Posted July 24, 2013 7:57 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

For years, growth in Indian Land has been one of the main sources of revenue for Lancaster County, with new homes, businesses and developments popping up all over the northern part of the panhandle.

But now, some say that growth his happening too haphazardly — with no control — and its about to decay the quality of life of more than 18,000 residents.

That’s why community leaders like Mel Threatt of the Indian Land Voice, are behind a petition to incorporate Indian Land as its own city.

Threatt said one of the major issues facing Indian Land is B-3 zoning, which allows for hundreds of types of business to open with no master plan.

An example of that is the now six gas stations within four miles of the North Carolina State line. Threatt says a new Quik Trip gas station on Marvin Road will be one of the worst intersections in Lancaster County.

Threat says one of the last things he wants to see is current zoning rules turn Indian Land into a carbon copy of a widely detested corridor in Mecklenburg County.

Right now, Threatt and other volunteers with the Indian Land Voice are circulating a petition to put an incorporation referendum question on a future ballot.

If the group collects 2,500 or more signatures from residents living in the community’s two fire districts, that measure would then be put before voters.