Latest county budget talks: 1.5 mill increase, one percent cost of living raise

Posted June 12, 2013 9:14 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

York County’s final budget is just days from a definitive vote and council Wednesday appears to be moving forward with a 1.5 mill increase to pay down debt service.

At a budget workshop Wednesday night, councilman Bump Roddey supported both the 1.5 mill increase for debt service and a tax increase for the county’s general fund — saying the county needs more money to operate efficiently.

Under the latest proposal, a one percent cost-of-living increase remains in the budget, as does 5.5 additional employees, most of which are mandated by state law.

But councilman Bruce Henderson suggested York County’s budget situation is in a dire situation, to which council chairman Britt Blackwell quickly said was incorrect and that the county is in good financial shape.

A month ago county staff recommended a three percent merit increase proposed a month ago and a portion of the 33.5 full time employees initially requested by department heads.

The new budget, if approved Monday, goes into effect July 1.