Blackwell: 1.5 mill increase best way to end tax ‘holiday’

Posted June 6, 2013 7:38 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

If you own property in York County, chances are your taxes will be going up this summer.

York County Council is currently mulling over a 1.5 mill increase that council chairman Britt Blackwell says is merely ending a tax holiday York County citizens have been enjoins for the last 24 months.

Blackwell and council are pushing for the entire increase to fund debt service.

Following a budget workshop last week, council requested the 1.5-mill increase to pay down the county’s debt versus a 2-mill increase split evenly between operating debt service and operational expenses.

Blackwell says he’s been hearing from county department heads lobbying for additional staff and funding.

Blackwell says paying down the debt means the county can keep the required money in the county’s rainy day fund.

Some council members oppose only funding the debt service; while others suggest a five percent across-the-board cut in spending.

Council must pass the next budget by the June 17th meeting to take effect July 1.

For more on the county’s budget talks, listen to Manning Kimmel’s interview with Blackwell on WRHI’s Straight Talk.