Roddey: Don’t cut CVB funding in 2013-14 county budget

Posted May 6, 2013 10:14 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

York County’s new budget is still in its infancy, and members of council are speaking out on different aspects of the financial plan they would like to see changed.

One is the appropriations for the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau, a roughly $1 million line item that’s paid for with hospitality tax funds.

York County Councilman Bump Roddey is opposing cuts to the bureau’s budget that could amount to 30-40 percent.

Councilman Joe Cox is pushing for the cuts, saying that too much of the county’s hospitality tax revenues are going towards funding the bureau, while the City of Rock Hill is not chipping in enough.

Cox says the funds need to fund capital investments.

On the other hand, Roddey says the agency’s efforts to bring in tourism pay for itself.

Cox wants to divert funding from the Convention and Visitors Bureau to put up to 37 percent of hospitality revenues each year towards constructing a new bricks-and-mortar facility.

York County’s first budget workshop is scheduled for Wednesday night at the county’s Heckle Blvd. facilities.