No tax increase, 2% raise, funding for iRock in Rock Hill Schools’ plan

Posted May 13, 2013 11:24 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

Rock Hill School Board members got their first glimpse at the next fiscal year’s budget Monday.

The spending plan, which board chairman Jim Vining stresses is just an initial plan, calls for no tax increase and does not pull any funds from the district’s reserve account.

The $129 million spending plan also includes more than one million dollars in funding for the iRock initiative that will be rolled out to students in grades 4-8 next year.

Vining says the pay-as-you-go purchase plan was recommended by district staff after attorneys considered short-term leases.

The spending plan also includes hiring 10 new teachers, additional staff to supplement the iRock program and a two percent step increase for district employees.

Vining says one major hurdle that faces the district is Act 388 which limits the sources of funding for school districts across South Carolina.

Finalization of the budget is pending final revenue figures from the state, which will likely come in June.