A heartfelt plea: 4th grade student pleads for no cuts to arts, music programs

Posted May 14, 2013 10:01 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

The democratic process is alive and well in York School District One as a 4th grade student, Preston Rampey, addressed school board members Tuesday as the board mulls a plan to balance a 1.9-million dollar budget shortfall.

Rampey told board members he organized a petition among his fellow students at Hunter Street Elementary School urging district leaders not to approve cuts to the district’s art programs.

Right now, district staff are considering cutting media assistants, in-school suspension assistants and the schedules of some upper level staff to balance the budget.

Parents like Alicia Boling questioned board members why the cuts were looming as other districts are hiring

District Superintendent Vernon Prosser says surplus operational expenses were cut years ago — so now the district has to turn to personnel.

Prosser said district officials knew the cuts were coming, and chose to let employees know as early as possible so those affected by the cuts could start making decisions about their future employment.