Bombings in Boston: With Come-See finale in mind, York Co. emergency managers taking note

Posted April 15, 2013 7:22 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

With the grand finale to the Come-See-Me-Festival just days away, York County Emergency Management Director Cotton Howell says he anticipates no visible changes to the way the Tailgate Party and Fireworks are handled this weekend following Monday’s bombings in Boston.

Howell tells WRHI that for events — large or small — contingency plans are ironed out, and that emergency managers will talk with city officials about ways to keep you safe.

York County has never played host to a large-scale event like the Boston Marathon, but Howell says for events-large or small–there’s a great deal of thought put into the “what ifs” of a situation.

Howell tells WRHI that in the event of acts of terrorism like Monday’s bombing in Boston, those plans are quickly put into place.

But the planning starts well before the crowds arrive.

Howell said he first heard of the incidents via a call from his wife. And as the days and stories unfold, he’s taking notes on how to improve York County’s emergency preparedness.

Howell says contingencies like Monday’s bombing are usually considered in large-scale events with thousands of people present.