Rock Hill School Board OKs iRock plan for grades 4-8

Posted March 25, 2013 9:40 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

The Rock Hill School Board gave initial approval Monday night for the districts 1-to-1 technology plan to kick off this coming August.

Known as iRock, every student in grades 4-8 will be issued an iPad in intense high-tech learning environments both in school and at home.

Superintendent Lynn Moody said Monday she was pleased with the school board’s unanimous approval of the plan, which she admits, is uncharted territory

Families with students in grades 4-8 would be responsible for a $65 insurance plan per year that would protect the device from damage, loss or theft.

Moody says the plan would cost the district between $3-4 million a year and has already received support from the business community.

Students in other grades will use shared iPads owned by the school district.

District staff also said $1.5 million in infrastructure upgrades is necessary to support the devices and the additional demands that will be placed on the district’s computer network.

Pending final approval in the form of the district’s next fiscal year budget, the iPads will be deployed to students in August.