County, DHEC bring King’s Castle demolition plans to a halt

Posted March 19, 2013 7:08 pm | Filed under Featured, Local News

Some say it’s an eyesore, others call it a piece of history.

Either way, the old King’s Castle on the PTL property in Fort Mill started coming down Tuesday afternoon.

But just before 4 p.m., work on the demolition stopped as the result of a permitting issue.

But nearby residents like Eric Kinsinger, who lives in Regent Park, were thrilled to see the castle partially demolished.

Morningstar Ministries, which owns the site that in its heyday was the home to the Heritage USA theme park, did not return calls for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Kinsinger is head of the group Tear the Tower Down, a grass-roots effort to demolish the 21-story Heritage USA tower that sits not far away partially finished. He said the facility is in a bad state of disrepair.

In recent years, Morningstar and York County have had a contentious relationship.

The county has previously demanded Morningstar do something with the 21-story tower or demolish it.

Morningstar says a lack of funding has delayed plans to revitalize the aging structure.



One Response to County, DHEC bring King’s Castle demolition plans to a halt

  1. hum_dinger

    Ah DHEC – obstructionist in this case, permissive in all the others.
    In an alternate reality, DHEC represents the people and condems the polluters….which is unfortunately not the case in this reality.