Fresh face to Columbia offers a new take on texting-and-driving laws

Posted February 12, 2013 8:13 pm | Filed under Local News

A fresh face is representing the easternmost portion of York County this year in the state legislature.

Raye Felder was elected to the State House last fall in the newly created House District 26 seat. As a newcomer to politics, Felder says she’s getting used to the way the State House operates, and says when it comes to the perennial bills like banning Texting while Driving, elected leaders to make laws that can change with the time.

The insurance agent-turned-part-time-legislator says she’s enjoyed her first month in the State House, and is ready to tend to the issues facing South Carolinians. Felder says when comes to the annual attempt at passing laws banning texting while driving, she says new technology is making it difficult to determine what is defined as ‘texting.’

And, while efforts to ban texting and driving in South Carolina have failed in recent years, she says it might be wise to take a different approach and ban revise careless driving laws.

A bill seeking to ban texting and driving was filed in early December by Charleston Rep. Wendall Gilliard.

The bill has since been referred to the Committee on Education and Public Works.