Comporium makes second payment in $1M pledge towards utility, road upgrades

Posted February 11, 2013 7:47 pm | Filed under Downtown Renewal, Local News

A $2.6 million utility and road improvement project in Rock Hill’s Textile Corridor received another $360,000 from the one of the city’s largest employers.

Rock Hill-based Comporium Communications handed city officials the second of three installments of a $1 million payment to improve utilities around the former Rock Hill Printing and Finishing site adjacent to Winthrop University.

Comporium Chief Operating Officer Glenn McFadden tells WRHI the payment comes in the form of a tax credit that keeps the money in local hands versus sending it off to the state.

Monday’s payment follows a $276,000 payment late last year and a third payment of $364,000 payment in 2014. McFadden says the payment to the city is a simple deferment of state taxes to a local effort and has no effect on customers’ rates

City officials say the utilities improvement project is set to wrap up by 2015.