Sheriff’s Office wins $250k grant to combat drunk drivers

Posted January 11, 2013 5:53 pm | Filed under Local News

The York County Sheriff’s Office was awarded Friday with a quarter-million dollar grant to combat drunk driving. The$250,701 grant comes for the State Department of Public Safety to pay for the salaries of two deputies, new patrol cars and equipment.

Since 2011, York County has seen a 61-percent increase in DUI charges, with 239 arrests in last year. In 2011, deputies made 148 arrests for DUI. Faris says the officers on the DUI team will work closely with other agencies in the 16th Circuit law enforcement network, taking part in programs such as “Sober or Slammer” and the “100 Deadly Days of Summer.”

The team members will also spend time educating the public about impaired driving at public events and schools.

Below, see video of a training session held by the York County Sheriff’s Office, where volunteers engaged in different levels of intoxication to give officers accurate benchmarks for drunk drivers.