Second parking garage to serve Downtown East, future hotel and park

Posted January 28, 2013 8:47 pm | Filed under Downtown Renewal, Local News

With a joint project between the City of Rock Hill and Comporium Communications soon getting underway on a new office building downtown, city planners gave city council a closer look at what’s to come from a parking standpoint of the Downtown East project.

With a park set to be built on what is now the city’s municipal parking lot, a parking impact study is now underway to help guide city developers moving forward.

Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Stephen Turner.

200 parking spots will be commandeered by the building of a new city park on what is now the Municipal Parking lot. New landscaping around the parking will create 60 new parking spots, while the rest will be recovered with the building of a new garage.

The parking garage would attach to the future Downtown East office building and would cost an estimated $3 million to build.

The city’s first parking garage was built in the 1980s as part of the then Town Centre Mall.

While parking would be free to the public and employees who use the facility, businesses occupying the new building would be subject to a fee structure set by the city’s Parking Commission.