Rock Hill Fire Museum to teach kids fire history, fire safety

Posted January 30, 2013 7:36 pm | Filed under Local News

It’s part museum, part classroom — and this week, Rock Hill City Council toured the city’s Fire Education Museum that’s been in the works for the past seven years.

Firefighters work on the project on some of their own time, and some city time too — and have used the proceeds from years’ worth of pizza sales at the Come See Me Festival’s Beach Bash to fund the capital budget of $10,000.

Rock Hill Fire Chief Mike Blackmon says the museum idea is loosely modeled after a similar facility in Charleston.

The facility occupies what was once the fire engine bay at Old Fire Station 1 off Black Street in downtown Rock Hill.

Blackmon says a timeline for the museum’s completion is not yet in stone, but his employees work at it piece by piece, preserving the department’s history while introducing a new generation to the merits of fire safety.

In his tour for City Council and local reporters Monday, he said there are a number of items still on the project’s punch list.

Blacmon says the project is designed to build on programs already in area school systems teaching kids about fire safety.