Freshman S.C. Representative reflects on her first week in Columbia

Posted January 14, 2013 9:42 pm | Filed under Local News

As state lawmakers prepare to converge on Columbia tomorrow for the beginning of the second week of this year’s session, freshman State Representative Raye Felder of Fort Mill is reflecting on her first week at the State House.

Felder says last week was very, very interesting.

Felder says she is one of 19 new legislators.

Felder will serve on the House Education and Public Works Committee, along with the Higher Education and Transportation subcommittees.  She says even in a tight budget year, the General Assembly needs to look at South Carolina’s transportation needs and road improvements.

Felder says there’s already been some discussion over raising the state’s gasoline tax.

Felder was elected in November to the District 26 seat representing the Fort Mill Area. District 26 was created as a result of growth in York County recognized in the 2010 Census.