Charlotte Airport director pushing for inter-modal yard to be moved onsite

Posted January 16, 2013 7:37 pm | Filed under Local News

The director of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport says he hopes the inter-modal yard in downtown Charlotte can be moved to the airport.

Jerry Orr says being able to take packages from a train to a truck and truck to train will benefit the airport.

Orr says Charleston and Savannah don’t have enough population to support an airport hub, and Charlotte is one of only two hubs in the Southeast.

He says the Charlotte airport has about $400 million in construction under contract.

Orr notes that the improvements being undertaken at the Charlotte airport are also being done with the future in mind.

Orr says US Airways carries about 65 percent of local passengers at the Charlotte airport.

He says the airport, as a whole, will put 20 million people on planes this year.