Blackwell, Cox unanimously elected as County Council chair, vice-chair

Posted January 7, 2013 8:06 pm | Filed under Local News

York County’s Elected officials were officially sworn into office Monday night. Among those, the two newly elected members to York County Council.

Past councilman Joe Cox was elected in November to another two-year term, and former Fort Mill School Board member Michael Johnson was sworn in to his first term on council. Johnson, an attorney by trade, says his primary goal is to alleviate traffic headaches along many of the thoroughfares in Fort Mill.

Johnson says the Pennies for Progress program has been successful, but road –maintenance– needs to now be considered as part of these capital projects.

Cox says when it comes to the decorum of meetings, he plans to listen more than he speaks — and says the discussion needs to be focused to the agenda topics at hand.

After all seven members of council were seated, past chairman Britt Blackwell was elected as council chair and Cox as vice chairman. Blackwell says this time around, he hopes to see council meetings move more smoothly.

For the past two years, council meetings have been infamously long — culminating with longtime councilman Curwood Chappell storming out of the council’s last meeting in December. Blackwell says long-winded speeches during council meetings need to come to an end.

Cox outlines his priorities for the council.

Cox says Monday’s argument-free discussion in unanimously choosing the next council chair was a great start to a productive county council.