Sunday retail beer and wine sales take flight

Posted December 7, 2012 2:03 pm | Filed under Local News

Just over a month after York County voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot referendum allowing the sale of beer and wine in retail stores, the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce says those Sunday sales took flight at midnight Sunday.

The Chamber says York County’s S.C. Department of Revenue recently began issuing the seven-day permits to stores that are already licensed to offer beer and wine for purchase Monday through Saturday.  The $1,200 permit upgrade is valid through May 31, 2014, and allows retailers to sell the beverages to adults ages 21+ for off-premise consumption.

The approved ballot measure does not provide for the seven-day sale of hard spirits, and liquor stores will remain closed on Sundays.

The Chamber supported the passage of the recent referendum and provided staff support for the group of volunteers, Citizens & Business For York County, who spearheaded the 2012 vote-yes effort and last year’s prerequisite and extensive petition drive. Chamber officials say similar resources were devoted in a 2008 campaign for Sunday beer and wine sales in restaurants.