‘Stop Obamacare’ supporters rally in Fort Mill

Posted December 13, 2012 9:25 pm | Filed under Local News

State Representative Bill Chumley of Spartanburg spoke to a small group of opponents of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act Thursdsay in Fort Mill.

Chumley co-filed a bill in the State House with Rep. Bill Taylor of Aiken allowing the state to prevent the President’s healthcare bill from taking effect in South Carolina.

Chumley, who is in his first term in office, tells WRHI the problem with healthcare is not the care — but how it’s managed and how much it costs.

Jesse Graston of Fort Lawn was one of the organizers of Thursday’s town hall meeting, and said he’s not pleased with legislators in Washington ramming the law through before getting a good look at it first.

The Affordable Care Act was signed in to law in March 2010 and varying levels of the program go into effect through 2015.