Mulvaney: Ready for comprimise on the ‘fiscal cliff’ debate

Posted December 27, 2012 6:42 pm | Filed under Local News

The U.S. Senate is already back in Washington and later this week, the U.S. House will return to the nation’s capitol for last-minute negotiations on the so-called fiscal cliff.

Fifth District Congressman Mick Mulvaney says Senate Democrats continue to show off the fact that they are in Washington to work on those negotiations — but Mulvaney says that’s not entirely true.

Mulvaney says when it comes to the negotiations, he is willing to bend his own personal principles when it comes to working with fellow lawmakers.

Late Thursday, word came from House Leadership calling the body back to Washington at 6:30 Sunday night.



One Response to Mulvaney: Ready for comprimise on the ‘fiscal cliff’ debate

  1. Sheila Bickford

    Mulvaney should not have left Washington until a deal had been reached. This is not a game, you don’t get angry and walk out. His re-election didn’t give him a mandate, 45% of the people in his district did not vote for him. The more voters get to know him the less they trust him.