Lancaster Co. Sheriff’s Office gets $200k grant to fight impaired drivers

Posted December 7, 2012 12:04 pm | Filed under Local News, News

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile says a new state grant worth more than 200-thousand dollars is now in hand to fund a DUI enforcement unit in the Panhandle.

The grant, which takes effect immediately, covers equipment, vehicles, salaries and training for two deputies. Faile says the team will not only police the roadways but also provide community based-seminars about the dangers of drunk driving.

“We are extremely excited to receive this grant. We have applied for this or similar grants in the past but were turned down.  We didn’t give up and are thrilled to add these positions to our team,” Faile said. “It’s really great when we can improve the services we offer and make the county safer without having to spend county funds.  Driving under the influence is something that affects all of us and if you are out there thinking about driving under the influence, don’t, get a sober driver.  If not, your chances of being caught just got better.”

This particular grant is for one year. The Sheriff’s Office can apply to renew the grant for two additional years.