Fort Mill superintendent pushing for expanding existing high schools

Posted December 13, 2012 9:10 pm | Filed under Local News

Fort Mill School Superintendent Chuck Epps says in light of the district’s continued growth, it’s time to expand both Nation Ford and Fort Mill High Schools versus build the cost of a third school in the district right now.

Both schools are creeping toward their 1,800-student capacity. Building a third high school now would cost north of $100 million, while expanding the current facilities and building a new elementary school would cost $49.5 million. District spokeswoman Kelly McKinney.

McKinney says Epps and other district leaders do not deny the eventual need for a third high school — but that need does not exist now.

Right now Nation Ford’s enrollment sits at just over 1,500 students while Fort Mill High sits at just under 1,700. Both schools’ capacities sit at 1,800. The Fort Mill School Board is set to take the issue up for consideration in January.