York County Sheriff: Utility trailer thefts on the rise

Posted November 21, 2012 3:57 pm | Filed under Crime and Courts, Local News

The York County Sheriff’s Office says a recent trend in trailer thefts is prompting authorities to show you how to protect your property from thieves.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris says since September 1, 19 trailer thefts have been reported in York County worth a total of 30-thousand dollars.

Faris says there are three keys to protecting your trailer — marking your property, blocking it from plain view, and locking it up.

From there, hiding a trailer from the roadway or putting it on cinder blocks can help discourage thieves from driving away with your property. He says these thefts are not isolated to homes or businesses.

Faris says it’s also important to photograph your trailer, noting its unique features to give law enforcement a better description of the property if and when it is ever stolen.

Faris says the recent thefts have not taken place in one specific area of the county and have occurred at homes, businesses and even recently, a church.



3 Responses to York County Sheriff: Utility trailer thefts on the rise

  1. NO registration for these trailers in South Carolina…you can’t find them when they get sold to other states that have no registration either….

  2. Please don’t tell me that the State of South Carolina is so stupid not to understand why….so now we tell the world how to steal a trailer…..did you also know that 2 parents in your State don’t know who destroyed them because nobody can find out who owns the trailer..
    You Governor has completely ignored and the Whole World is laughing at your state.
    Owner of trailer that caused deadly accident remains unknown

    By Kirk Brown
    Published Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    ANDERSON — A year has passed since a detached utility trailer caused a crash on Interstate 85 in Anderson County that killed the parents of two young children.

    The driver who was towing the trailer that came loose has yet to step forward to take responsibility for causing the multi-vehicle accident. Because the trailer was unlicensed, investigators had no way to identify its owners.

  3. We told The NTSB and the Government why. Did you know that 15 States have no registration for trailers? And the State of Maine helps you register stolen trailers? We even shoes you how to steal one. Google “how to steal a trailer dangerous trailers.org