What’s to come of the soon-to-be vacant Knights Castle?

Posted November 29, 2012 10:17 pm | Filed under Local News

Andrew Kiel | WRHI.com
Fort Mill residents had their opportunity to weigh in on what they would like to see in the future of Knight’s Stadium last night, but only a few members of the public came to offer their thoughts.

York County Economic Development Director Mark Faris leads the study committee reviewing options of what to do with the facility.

Those that did come to the public forum like Laurie Davidson asked for additional sporting venues…saying Fort Mill has outgrown itself in that department.

Davidson is a member of the Fort Mill Lacrosse Club, and says now the club hosts several tournaments each year at Rock Hill’s Manchester Meadows complex. Davidson says Fort Mill needs the same type of planning Rock Hill has done to stay in step with current growth.

Lisa Russell, also a mom in the Fort Mill Lacrosse Club, says there are ways to make money off the facilities.

Both women say the future of Knights stadium has turned into a Watercooler topic, and despite the sparse attendance at Thursday’s forum, residents do care what happens with the facility. Thursday’s forum was the first of four such events.



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