NAACP’s Poole: Sunday retail alcohol sales will lead to racial profiling

Posted November 2, 2012 5:15 pm | Filed under Local News

Andrew Kiel |
At least one notable community leader in York County is urging people to vote “no” on Tuesday’s referendum that would allow Sunday retail alcohol sales.

Rock Hill NAACP President Melvin Poole says legalizing Sunday alcohol sales at grocery stores and convenience markets would increase the number of DUI’s and underage drinkers and put strain on law enforcement.

Poole says supporters of Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants and bars suggested that there would be no retail sales of alcohol on Sundays.

Poole also says Sunday retail sales would lead to more racial profiling.

He says he’s not sure how optimistic he can be that the referendum will be defeated, though Poole says he’s done all he can. He says the western York County branch of the NAACP also opposes Sunday retail alcohol sales.