Lancaster City Councilwoman: High crime is hurting job growth

Posted November 7, 2012 4:25 pm | Filed under Local News
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Andrew Kiel |
In the wake of last weekend’s shootings and with a growing history of violent crime, Lancaster City Councilwoman Tamara Green Garris says these acts of violence are hurting the area’s efforts to recruit businesses and create jobs.

Garris says part of the solution to reducing crime is encouraging children to stay in school.

Garris says children need to be taught that they can have anything they want if they get out and work for it.  She says nothing comes easily, but local leaders have to encourage young people and adults to succeed.

She says when she was first elected to the city council she formed what’s called the Lancaster Alternative Policing Strategy that works with law enforcement and the judicial system.

She says when Springs Industries closed its doors that left a lot of people unemployed who weren’t what she calls tech-savvy.

Garris says everybody suffers when children drop out of school and when workers lose jobs and need retraining.

Garris says next year she wants to get a group of leaders together to help two or three of those people each month.

As far as keeping children out of trouble, Garris says they need to stay in school and receive the tools and resources to be prepared for the modern workplace.