‘Knowledge Park’ touted as a new way spark high-tech jobs in Rock Hill

Posted November 26, 2012 10:34 pm | Filed under Downtown Renewal, Local News

 Photo courtesy RockHillBleachery.com

Efforts to revitalize Rock Hill’s former textile corridor took a new shape Monday as economic development leaders unveiled their latest plan for the former site of the Rock Hill Printing and Finishing plant.

The site, mostly vacant since 1998 and more recently, bulldozed, is now a prime spot for launching a Knowledge Park, says Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation Chairman Andy Shene.

Shene says while previous attempts on similar efforts have not gone very far, there are three distinct changes that sets this plan apart — the city now owning the former Bleachery site, the idea having the backing of the city’s business community, and that this effort is centered on building jobs.

Shene says with the backing of the business community, his organization hopes to rebuild the infrastructure surrounding the former Rock Hill Printing and Finishing plant to better suit high-tech industries, linking Winthrop and the city’s downtown .

Shene says at present, the more than 5,500 jobs already exist in the knowledge park, which spans from Winthrop University to Comporium Communications, with jobs in the professional, legal healthcare, arts and finance sectors.