Holiday thievery on the rise, police say protect yourself, valuables

Posted November 28, 2012 6:42 pm | Filed under Local News

This time of year, authorities say mall parking lots are major haven for criminals expecting to score big on stealing new electronics, valuables, and Christmas gifts.

Monday evening, thieves broke into four cars — two at the Amber Buffet on Dave Lyle Blvd. and two sitting outside Outback Steak House on River Run Court, stealing north of 63-hundred dollars in electronics, luggage and medicine.

Rock Hill Police spokesman Lt. Brad Redfearn says these types of crimes usually happen because items are left in a car — in plain view.

Redfearn says this time of year, when shopping center parking lots are full, criminals see cars full of gifts as major targets.

Redfearn says in response to this problem, extra officers are stationed in these high-traffic areas to help deter criminal activity.

Redfearn says the best thing you can do though is not make yourself a victim — and take a few extra seconds to lock your car and secure valuables out of sight.