With a few months to go, DiGiorgio’s retirement is in full view

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DiGiorgio released a statement to the university community in 2012 announcing his retirement.

After more than 24 years, Winthrop President Anthony DiGiogio will hang up his cap and gown next spring for the final time as he hands the University Mace off to the schools tenth president.

DiGiorgio and his wife, Gale, announced earlier this year the couple would retire to their newly built home off-campus at the end of this academic year.

DiGiorgio said the announcement more than a year out brought its own host of challenges, but says it was the right thing to do in ensuring his successor would be carefully selected.

Previous presidents had passed away in office or otherwise exited office. While DiGiorgio has said very little on what he’d like to see in his successor, he would like that person to stay for a while.

And with a 24-year presidency, DiGiorgio breaks the bell curve in the history of university presidents.

But did say it an unusual feeling taking part in yearly traditions that — this time — will be his last.

DiGiorgio said he and his wife Gale chose the year-long retirement plan to give school officials and the Board of Trustees enough time to carefully select a new president.

In mid-September, executive search firm Greenwood/Asher was on campus, speaking with students and community leaders on what they would like to see in the school’s tenth president. University officials have previously said Greenwood/Asher would be responsible for presenting a ‘short list’ of top recruits to Winthrop’s Board of Trustees to make the final pick.

DiGiorgio is a Pennsylvania native and former Assistant Dean at Purdue, and later spent 17 years in various leadership roles at The College of New Jersey. He came to Rock Hill in 1989.




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