Sunday retail alcohol sales to appear on Nov. 6 ballot in York County

Posted October 24, 2012 7:48 pm | Filed under Local News

In just under two weeks, residents in York and Lancaster County to have the option to vote to legalize Sunday beer and wine sales. In York County, the ballot measure surrounds Sunday retail  sales, while in Lancaster county it covers Sunday sales in restaurants and bars.

Chet Miller is the head of the organization Citizens and Businesses for York County. He says while supporters were out getting roughly 9-thousand petitions to put the measure on the ballot, there was a consistent story among those in favor of Sunday retail sales.

Miller said the idea to include retail sales came to fruition after it was overwhelmingly passed by voters in Tega Cay. Some opponents of the plan say they’re against it for religious reasons. Miller counters that with this argument.

Miller says he expects the measure will pass in York County but declined to offer a prediction on the measure. The Sunday alcohol sales measure also has the backing of the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber president  Rob Youngblood says his members support the measure because it means more business for York County.

If the measure approved, retail stores wanting to sell beer and wine on Sunday must pay a 1-thousand dollar license fee. Youngblood says a portion of those will also remain local.

Youngblood says that if the ballot referendum passes, business in York County could start Sunday beer and wine sales as early as December.



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