Straight Talk: 10/19/12 Jeremy Walters

Posted October 19, 2012 1:12 pm | Filed under Programming, Straight Talk

Jeremy Walters, Libertarian candidate for SC House District 26, joins Manning Kimmel on Straight Talk.




2 Responses to Straight Talk: 10/19/12 Jeremy Walters

  1. AGAINST Walters

    Jeremy Walters, what do you really know about him? Did you know he has broken the sacred law
    of adultery? Did you know his current girlfriend who is a teacher at Fort Mill Elementary is MARRIED?
    2 small children and Mr. Walters with a small child himself! What type of example is this man
    setting for young children? It is OK to break up a family? It is ok to date someone married?
    He is a discrace as a Father I would re-think your decision on who you vote for and make sure you
    know everything about that person FIRST! He can not even handle his own life how can you trust YOUR
    faith in him? VOTE for someone you know you can TRUST!!

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