Deer: Not just running in your crosshairs, but the road too

Posted October 23, 2012 1:53 pm | Filed under Local News

Deer season is well underway in South Carolina, and it’s that time of year when deer are on the move in York County.

This weekend, a York County Sheriff’s Deputy was on patrol along Shannon Street near the town of York when a deer darted out in front of the Deputy’s car.

There was minor damage to the patrol car and the Deputy was not injured.  The on board camera showed the deer get back up on its feet and run off into the woods.

York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant reminds drivers to take extra precautions this time of year while out on the road.

  • Be aware of road signs that inform drivers of deer crossing hazards in the area
  • Slow down while driving on rural roads during the day and especially night time hours, to increase your reaction time if you spot a deer crossing the road.
  • If a collision with a deer is imminent it’s best to go ahead and hit the deer versus the risk of losing control of your car and possibly causing a more serious crash.
  • To report a vehicle collision for insurance purposes, call the York County Sheriff’s Office or the South Carolina Highway Patrol.



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