RNC’s Steele on moving Obama’s speech: “It better rain”

Posted September 6, 2012 2:15 pm | Filed under 2012 DNC, 2012 Election, Local News

Some familiar national faces are in Charlotte this week — although with the Democratic National Convention, you might question their attendance in a sea of the opposite political party.

WRHI’s Andrew Kiel caught up with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele right after the announcement Thursday’s speech from President Obama would be moved to Time Warner Cable Arena.

Steele says he can empathize with the DNCC.

Florida delegate Elizabeth Judd says that she’s not turned off by the President’s speech being moved indoors.

Steele says hopes the decision is not motivated by politics.

DNCC organizers said Wednesday morning in a statement the location of the speech was moved as severe weather is predicted for later today.



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