John Edwards’ daughter talks politics, service at Winthrop

Posted September 18, 2012 10:32 pm | Filed under Local News

Alison Rauch/CN2 News
The daughter of former Democratic presidential candidate and South Carolina native John Edwards spoke before students at Winthrop University Tuesday, urging them to not be bystanders.

Cate Edwards said that responsibility sometimes means speaking out when you see injustice and not letting a wrong go unnoticed.

Edwards says responsibility sometimes means combating the bad.

The Greensboro four were African-Americans who sat at a segregated lunch counter in North Carolina in 1960, like the Friendship Nine did the next year at Woolworth in downtown Rock Hill.

Edwards says she has seen increasing partisanship in politics recently, especially at the federal level.

Edwards says money is deluding key issues in politics. She agrees with the slogan that corporations are not people.

Edwards says when corporations participate in politics they rarely represent working people.



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  1. Cherubim Bean

    Thank you for providing this informative format.
    By the way, I agree with Kate Edwards,
    and would like to see her father, John Edwards back in the fight on
    behalf of the poor and middle class.