9/11 Memorial drawn overnight on Winthrop campus

Posted September 11, 2012 3:43 pm | Filed under Local News

Andrew Kiel | WRHI.com
Students at Winthrop University found themselves a welcome surprise Tuesday, as a portion of the campus’ Scholars Walk was chalked in a makeshift mural remembering the attacks of September 11.

The mural included the names of the flights were Americans died and a brick for every fallen American in the terrorist attacks. Freshman Mark Vickery says he was moved by the random act of kindness.

University officials say the mural was drawn overnight Monday and the students behind it wish to remain anonymous and let the work speak for itself. Vickery says he was taking time out his day Tuesday to focus on the meaning behind the effort.

Junior Falisha Hardish says she was amazed at the complexity of the work of art — and at the same time, says she was amazed students on campus weren’t more patriotic on the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Many students were seen sidestepping the chalked bricks as if to help preserve the work.



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