Test scores leave Rock Hill’s Belleview Elementary a “Focus School”

Posted August 10, 2012 9:16 pm | Filed under Local News

Test scores among some students at Rock Hill’s Belleview Elementary School have led state and local education leaders to designate the facility as a Focus School.

In a release Friday from the Rock Hill School District, spokeswoman Elaine Baker says test scores at Belleview did not meet state performance expectations on the achievement gap known as “Students with Disabilities.”

The release does not identify exactly what kind of students are categorized in that group, but Baker says that parents may now send their children to Ebenezer Avenue or Finley Road Elementary Schools, two schools not identified with the Focus designation.

“Our school is working hard with the state and district to increase student achievement in math and reading,” wrote principal John Kierell and superintendent Lynn Moody in a letter to parents. “We encourage you to get involved in our efforts to address our academic challenges… Parents assist by working with their students on schoolwork, attending parent conferences, reading monthly newsletters and making sure their children attend school daily.”

Parents choosing to transfer their son or daughter to one of the two alternate schools must do so by August 21.

LINK: Full statement to parents on Belleview’s designation: Belleview Choice 2012_web



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