Police Chief: 14 local officers joining 2,000 nationwide to work the DNC

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This time next month, an extra 35-thousand people will make their way to the Charlotte region for the Democratic National Convention.c

And among those visitors will be a small but well-trained contingent of local law enforcement keeping the facilities, roads and free speech zones in and around center-city Charlotte safe.

Rock Hill Police Chief John Gregory tells WRHI that 14 of his officers are among two thousand joining the DNC from out-of-state jurisdictions.

Gregory says the last National Security Event he recalls was the recent G8 summit in Philadelphia.

Training for this special assignment has been underway for several months, to make sure that those from across the state and across the country can safely control the crowds, protestors and dignitaries.

While details of Gregory’s officers’ assignments were not released, he did say that a part of the city’s bomb squad will be deployed to Charlotte for the convention. Other assignments were based on what needs could be addressed.

Gregory says that locally, he doesn’t expect any major issues with protestors making their way across the state line.

Gregory says that his department will be working with other agencies in and around the area, keeping tabs on any people, threats or issues that could turn sour.

Even so, Gregory says training and vacation schedules for his officers have been modified so if a situation does arise, local staff will be readily available.

The DNC itself runs September 4-6 with President Obama delivering his acceptance speech at Bank of America stadium the last night of the convention.



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