‘Bike Friendly City’ plans taking shape around Winthrop campus

Posted June 26, 2012 7:53 pm | Filed under Downtown Renewal, Local News

As the College Town Action Plan linking the Winthrop campus and Rock Hill’s Downtown continues to take shape, area cyclists had the chance Tuesday night to see another preview of what’s to come in the next year in terms of making the city more bicycle friendly.

Andrew Kiel | WRHI.com
City of Rock Hill Planning and Development Director Bill Meyer says there are a number of driving forces behind making Rock Hill a bicycle friendly city.

Meyer says the bicycle-friendly plans were jump started by the joint College Town Action Plan, and since then have taken shape as developers heard feed back on why residents are hesitant to bike.

Meyer says  the bicycle-friendly concept put into action in a number of ways that will alert motorists of their two-wheel counterparts.

Those particular “Sharrows” will be one of a number of apparatus installed on area roadways.

The current plans call for bike lanes on Charlotte Avenue, Elizabeth Lane, Johnston and Wilson Streets and the Sharrow lanes on streets immediately surrounding Winthrop’s campus from Ebenezer Road to Saluda Street.



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