‘DNC for Me’ shows business how to profit off September Convention

Posted May 1, 2012 7:59 pm | Filed under 2012 DNC, Local News

With September’s Democratic National Convention just over four months away, local business owners hoping to get in on the action had their first chance to see what the DNC will bring to the Carolinas.

The group known as SC in 2012 hosted “The DNC for Me” Tuesday night at the Baxter Hood Center, where organizers learned how they can network with other businesses, boosting advertising and consumer dollars when 35-thousand delegates, media and security personnel descend on the Charlotte Metro this coming spring.

Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols, who also serves on the DNC host committee, says that York County will certainly benefit from the convention.

Echols says that when it comes to partisan politics, the DNC isn’t a red for republican or blue for democrat — it’s green.

Courtney Counts of the DNC committee says that they’re also looking for thousands of volunteers to give their time and talent.

Sutton says while they’re on the tail end of recruitment efforts, you can still register online at Charlottein2012.com.

Robyn Hamilton is the DNC Committee’s Senior Adviser for Procurement, Business Relations and Diversity.

Hamilton says September’s convention will have a lasting effect on the visitors not only from the US, but in foreign countries as well.

Organizers say that more than a thousand separate events are planned for the week of the convention across the Carolinas.