Rock Hill man arrested on 4th DUI offense

Posted March 20, 2012 6:40 pm | Filed under Local News

A Rock Hill man with three DUI convictions was once again arrested Monday afternoon after witnesses told police he dancing in his car and driving recklessly down Anderson Road.

But, despite three prior DUI convictions, he could be back on the road in a matter of months.

A Rock Hill police report says officers received a call after the man reportedly struck a construction cone.

Police say 33-year-old Joshua Matthew Grose had parked his Toyota and was reaching into a beer cooler when they arrived. Officers found open bottles of rum, whiskey and beer. Grose refused to blow into a  breathalyzer.

State statues call for a mandatory administrative revocation of a driver’s license if a DUI suspect refuses a breathalyzer test.

But there is no state law that automatically calls for the permanent revocation of a driver’s license after a certain number of DUI convictions.

That is only possible if the suspect is named a habitual offender, a process that is started by the state department of motor vehicles and ends up in the court system.