Palmetto Mornings Exclusive: The Fight for Florida’s Delegates

Posted January 23, 2012 10:05 am | Filed under Palmetto Mornings

2/2/2012 UPDATE:  

Report: Newt Gingrich to challenge Florida primary

After the segment on Palmetto Mornings with Dr. Scott Huffmon and Glenn McCall recapping the SC GOP Primary and looking at the Florida Primary, we received information that reveals an impending battle in Florida over the state’s delegates.

According to McCall, wo served on the RNC Rules Committee, South Carolina had to be a “proportional” delegate state because we chose an early Primary date and that this same rule would apply to Florida.  Multiple news outlets were reporting Florida as a “winner take all” state.

Palmetto Mornings spoke with Paul Senft, National Committeeman for Florida, about this discrepency regarding the distribution rules for the delegates.  According to Senft, his interpretation of the rules would require proportional delegate distribution, not winner take all.

Listen to our interview with Senft to hear more about the Fight for Florida’s 50 delegates!