Florida GOP leader says delegate votes may be split

Posted January 23, 2012 12:31 pm | Filed under 2012 DNC, 2012 Election, Local News

Florida’s Republican presidential primary is one week from tomorrow and there’s still some dispute over whether the Sunshine State is winner-take-all with its 50 delegates or whether the delegates are distributed proportionately. 

Florida GOP National Committeeman Paul Senft tells WRHI’s Palmetto Mornings that party rules require every state with a primary before April first to be proportional. However, Senft says the same legal staff that at one time said the rules are enforceable now say they’re not enforceable.

He says there is a method of protesting that lack of enforceability.

Senft says the protest was filed in early November, but the contest committee says it did not receive a copy of the protest.  He says a copy of that protest has now been mailed to every committee member.

Senft says since Newt Gingrich won South Carolina’s primary Saturday instead of previous frontrunner Mitt Romney, there could be an attempt to manipulate the rules.

Senft says the Republican National Committee will ultimately decide the dispute, but that might not happen until after Florida’s January 31st primary.



One Response to Florida GOP leader says delegate votes may be split

  1. Connie

    I believe that all the states should split the delegate votes. 50 is a great goal but the only one that wins is Florida with all the money that is spent down there trying for those votes. What if every state would insist on the same policy? I read somewhere that Florida is the most corrupt state for voting. Do you want that title?