DNCC tweaks 2012 Queen City convention

Posted January 17, 2012 11:00 pm | Filed under 2012 DNC, 2012 Election, Local News

In a move that was part-expected and part-unexpected, the Democratic National Convention Committee announced a few tweaks to this fall’s convention in Charlotte.

DNCC chief executive Steve Kerrigan said Tuesday the convention has been shortened from its traditional four days to three to make room for, quote “a day to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South.”

Also, the DNCC said Monday that President Obama’s acceptance speech will now be at Bank of America Stadium, which seats 74 thousand people.

That particular bit, though, has been rumored for months after organizers shared concerns in the summer that Time Warner Cable Arena would  be too small.

Tickets to the president’s speech at BofA stadium are expected to be free, though details on that specific part of the convention have not yet been published.